Chromed Design Studio


  • Size – 1500 sq.ft.
  • Type – Office Interiors
  • Location – Greater Kailash 1 Enclave, New Delhi
  • Status – Completed in Feb 2016
Showcasing the style and ideology of designing a space by Chromed Design Studio is reflected in our own office space which is functionally sound and aesthetically creative. Exposed walls painted white, raw-exposed piping on the ceilings painted yellow, suspended lighting and a combination of yellow, white and earthy browns throughout. There is a visual access from one end to the other and there are windows for ample amount of sunlight to enter the working studio space. The furniture and seating space encourages communication, interaction and innovation to happen between colleagues and provides a stunning aesthetic presentation for clients to know the working style to core details.

C-18 Basement,
Greater Kailash-1 Enclave,
New Delhi - 110048, India